Our Story

AM Bagel started over brunch with friends, before Bryce and Tiffany knew anything about running a restaurant or producing food for people to eat. Sitting around a table at one of their old apartments they realized that the thing that brought them the most joy was making food (generally not according to ANY recipe) and sharing it with friends. 

At the time they were living in Parkdale and, despite a number of shops and cafes, also saw so many people without a place to land. Bryce and Tiffany knew that whatever they created would be rooted in community, inviting people from the neighbourhood to share special moments with those closest to them over a warm cup of something (Tiffany still wasn't into coffee just yet!). 

Even before it opened, Bryce and Tiffany knew AM Bagel was special. It felt like home. And now, as they prepare to open it back up and welcome Roncesvalles back in, they know more than ever that each and every sandwich and each and every cup of coffee that leaves the shop takes a tiny piece of them with it. 

What could be better than that (except for vegan cream cheese, of course ;))?